Maximize your chances to get funding by applying to this $1,000 scholarship

If you want a scholarship you have to apply for lots of them

Scholarships are the easiest way to pay for college, but if you want to get one you’ll have to put in some work

You know what’s the biggest mistake a person looking to enroll with an offline or online college degree can do? It’s not to apply for a scholarship.

Even before you step into the online education classroom or campus, you need to start applying to college scholarships. And avoid getting into a mindset which dictates you won’t be able to get funding. That’s simply just not true. We want to make one thing clear here: anyone, yes anyone can win a scholarship.

As a prospective student of a traditional or online college degree, you should know it does not matter what kind of background you have or whether you have a spotless academic record or not. All you need to succeed is to have a solid system in place. Before starting to apply to various scholarships, you need to remember a few things. Applying for grants to fund your offline or online education is a journey. It’s highly unlikely you will succeed from the first go, but if you’re proactive, persistent and willing to build an infrastructure to scale you will eventually succeed.

A lot of people start applying for scholarships hoping they will manage to win a scholarship for college. But you need to transform this mindset into something else entirely. You need to think to yourself, I hope I get multiple scholarships. Why do we say that? Because, despite the abundance of grants out there, most scholarships usually award between $1,000 and $3,000 in funding.

While this is a pretty decent amount of money, you will certainly need more if you’re hoping to cover all your educational fees. With that in mind, you’re going to have to apply to as many scholarships as you humanly can.

Be sure to record all of the scholarships you’ve found in a document or Excel spreadsheet so you can easily monitor them and also to make sure you don’t apply for the same program twice. With such a system in place, you’ll be able to secure funding a lot faster.

And to get you started on the right track, we’ll share with you a scholarship opportunity which you might want to take into consideration. It’s called the C.I.P. Scholarships and is offered by the College is Power website.

It’s targeted at students or perspective students who are at least 17 years of age. The neat thing about this scholarship is that it allows more atypical student categories to apply to it. Just tick the adult/non-traditional student category in the Application form and you’re good to go.

The application form also require you fill in info about your career goal and what type of degree you’re looking to earn. You also have to mention whether you’re expecting to complete it online or not.

Last but not least, in 150-words or less answer the following question: “What’s is your primary goal for going to school?”

Successful applicants will receive a $1,000 scholarship. College is Power welcomes entries three times a year and the next deadline is set for December 31.



  1. Comment
    i am mr.nega sisay from ethiopia, holding llb with gpa 3.08 at mekelle university on July, 11/2011 and having more than 5 years experience in law. Now, am searching to pursue llm to assist my country’s forward looking policy. How to apply?

  2. Comment i am mohammed jafar from Ethiopia i have a good speaking of English language i like to continue postgraduate program abroad scholar ship with minimum tutition fee ofline program.

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,
    My Name is Peter Fraser i was born on the 5th February,1953 in Guyana.I am applying for scholarship which cost US 1,000 for a Honorary Doctorate Degree which was awarded to me by the International University of Morality in Florida (a christian university) for my Academics, my work among the poor as well as my Christian work in my Church.
    I am a Philanthropist and a Minister of the Eucharist . I am the Holder of a MBA in Project Management, Post Graduate Diploma,Degree in Management and a Degree in Public Communication ,Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety..Attended several overseas courses in Money Laundering ,Taxes,and various Management courses. Grateful for your consideration of my application.
    Thank you
    Peter Fraser

  4. Hi,
    I’m frema Belinda from Ghana ,a very ambitious and determined young girl who would love to futher her education very far but the necessary resources which will enable this dream come true is not available ,i would be very grateful if I can also benefit from any scholarship or a sponsor,thank you so much,and I’m hoping to hear from you soon.(degree)

  5. Hello there,i am viktor emmanuel joseph and i am in search of a fininacial helper to help me further my education into the higher institution.i hope you reading this won’t ignore my cry for help.thank you.

  6. I am Micheal from Uganda , I am a refugee from south Sudan a twenty three year old girl .I would be grateful if I would get the chance to finance my study in any institution or university , I am a student of diploma but due to financial problems I have asked the school for a dead year. I would be grateful if your highly respected team put my request as a priority . Thank you.

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