Coffee for Less is giving away two $500 scholarships

Tell Coffee for Less why you want to go to college and earn a scholarship

Looking for alternative ways to fund your college education? Coffee for Less awards a $500 scholarship for books and studying materials

College education online or offline can greatly enrich your life. Even so, some people are deterred from entering a college education because of financial issues. The thing is most students thinking of enrolling with a traditional or online bachelor degree have no idea how to cover these enormous costs without amassing debt from student loans.

But solutions to the problem exist. For example, you could start applying for scholarships. It might seem easy at first, but students of college education online or offline should know this is a process which takes an awfully long time. And in order not to get lost while searching for the perfect funding opportunity, you need to outline a few principles on how you’re going to do your research.

First off, you need to make sure you’re not chaotic. Write down all the places you can think of that might offer scholarships and check them out one by one. One of the best places to start your scholarship search is with your college. If you’ve enrolled with a traditional or online bachelor degree with a certain school, check its website or catalog to find out what scholarships it offers.

Don’t forget to also contact the financial aid office to see what scholarship opportunities they know of and what tips they can offer. You can also ask older students at your college for help. If you do a quick search you might find scholarships are available with a large number of institutions like your family’s employers, local branches, non-profit service organizations and so on.

Here’s a pretty telling example. Since 1975, Coffee for Less has been selling coffee products, as well as tea varieties. But did you know their website is also home to a scholarship opportunity you might not want to miss out on?

The Hit for Books scholarship is available for students aged between 18 and 25 and enrolled with an accredited university of college. Awardees will receive a $500 dollars grant to be used for educational books and study materials.

In order to be considered for the scholarship, candidates need to submit an essay (500 words or less) in which they talk about the importance of education in their lives and how the scholarship will help them achieve these goals. Students who find a creative way to insert their passion for coffee into the essay will be given a few bonus points over other candidates.

There are two deadlines for this scholarship: one is on September 30, while the second is on January 31. You can submit an essay for both, but bear in mind that you can only win the scholarship once.

Yes, the path to college is long and winding. But scholarships make it easier for us to navigate this complex phase in our lives. Most importantly, they take the financial worries out of the equation, so we can focus on what really matters – and that is studying.




  2. My Name is LaZasha Muza .lm from Zimbabwe and l would love to earn a scholarship to study abroad so l can better my life and for my family. I hope you consider me

  3. Comment
    iam biiro edirisa from Uganda,aged 24yrs.
    I studied up to high school and joined University doing bachelor’s in arts education but due to financial incapabilities I registered for dead year when I was in my first year second semester.
    I really need this Grant because my parents died in a car accident.
    I will be happy if this offer is given to me.

  4. I am now doing other course in theology at Trinity Theological Seminary after completing my Diploma in theology. I am very poor and l face a lot financial constrain. my mother has passed away and now my father too old. i need this Scholarship to finished my 4 year education in theology.

  5. Please help me have that scholarship because am nolonger to clear my school cost am at city university of science and technology doing civil ingeneering .please help me

  6. I am a student at chainama college of health sciences doing clinical medicine and in my 2nd year.I really need financial support because my parent just lost his job and I have no one to pay for my fees

  7. I am babalola ogechi from nigeria, I WL appreciate if this grant is giving to me to further my education here in Nigeria. Things are not easy here with me in Nigeria. And I love to further my education. Thanks

  8. Please am Michael obeng korang. I kindly need your help so that i can achieve my goal in life by giving me a chance of scholarship. Thank You!.

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