Dance to win one of these $250 scholarships

If you like to dance, you can apply for a grant with the World Dances

Scholarship for dancing students are available and most don’t have a strict GPA requirement

A common misconception about scholarships is that they are only available for the smartest students with the highest GPAs. However, this isn’t really the case. The truth is that there are scholarships out there for every type of student – enrolled with a university online degree or a traditional. If you are seeking to get a higher education, then you are eligible to receive funding. This is what you should remember.

Yes, there majority of scholarships are academic scholarships. These programs apply to students who have GPAs higher than 4.0, years of experience being involved in certain extracurricular activities and well-rounded applications. But don’t take that to mean that scholarship opportunities for the average student don’t exist.

Even if your grades aren’t the best, there’s still lots of options to consider. Average student scholarships do take academics into consideration, but are not so strict. They also focus on other factors as well such as certain talent, ability to compose an essay or commitment to a certain cause.

And while academic scholarships are mostly targeted at traditional students, students taking internet courses or enrolled with a university degree online can also apply to receive funding. The idea is to use the money to pay for your education, so even if you’re just looking to take a few, short internet courses you could still try to apply to certain scholarship opportunities to get funding.

Apart from average student scholarships, you might also stumble on athletic scholarships, scholarships for minorities, for women or creative scholarships. The latter will require applicants to submit one of their creative efforts which could mean a poem, a video or a personal design.

What we’re trying to say here is that you shouldn’t make the mistake of believing that just because you don’t have a high 4.0 GPA you won’t be eligible to receive a grant that will help you pay for college.

Let us give you an example of a creative scholarship to show you we mean business. This one is awarded to dancers who are looking for additional funds to support their education. The World Dances Scholarship Program offers a total of $1,000 in scholarships to four lucky winners.

Applicants are invited to submit a video that showcases their performance for a chance to win. All videos have to be entered on Two $250 scholarships will be awarded to the performers who manage to gather the most votes. Two other winners will be chosen by a panel of judges.

The World Dance Scholarships are awarded every month. Applicants can submit their video until the last business weekday of each month at 11:00 am.

While these scholarships won’t cover your full tuition, you don’t have to limit yourself to applying to ONLY this scholarship. Fire up your browser and search for other dance-related grants and apply to them too.

Winning four or five scholarships will help you bypass any financial pressure you might be under because of your online or offline degree.


  1. I kindly ask you to grant me this wonderful scholarship so that i may continue with my studies and improve my qualification .
    I hope my request will be granted.
    Thank you

  2. I completed my high secondary school and I have got the good results but I don’t have the fund to pursued my studies .I would love to and have something to feed on my family and contribute to the nation.
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  3. I completed my high school at naboye secondary school and I have got the good results but I don’t have the fund to pursued my studies. I would love to be in school and have something to feed on my family and contribute something to the community.
    Your positive and quick response shall be highly appreciated.
    In the name of the Almighty God.
    Thank you

  4. i wish to apply for the ongoing scholarship.
    am 23yrs old male,am from Africa,it will be of honour if my request is granted thanks.

  5. I wish to apply for a full scholarship. I am an undergraduate from africa and i have just completed my advanced level.Icannot proceed due to lack of funds.I will be glad to here from you.
    Thank you

  6. well done
    I’m a certificate nurse and hoping to go for a diploma and was requesting for a positive consideration from Africa Uganda northern Uganda.
    thank you. florence

  7. I wish to apply for a full scholarship. I am a young woman of twenty years. It will be of honour if my request is granted thanks.

  8. Am Tom and i need a scholarship to further my education please.I will be really greatful if granted.Thank you

  9. I need tuition funding to be assigned a thesis supervisor, please help me the application forms and all relevant information.

  10. Studied pure and industrial chemistry in Nigeria.. Looking forward to study Nursing science but then, I need counseling.. I would be glad if you can help. Thanks

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