Nursing students can earn this $2,500 scholarship from ANNA

Get your education started with this $2,500 grant

Students who wish to become nurses can apply for this $2,500 scholarship if they are full time members of ANNA

Today, students looking to enroll with an offline or online school also have to seek out funding opportunities before their first academic year begins. Why is that? Because college tuition has been on the rise for the last few years and today it’s not exactly easy paying for a full college program without requesting a sponsorship of some sort of applying for a scholarship.

Fortunately, there are many funding opportunities out there of different varieties. While the mass population is probably more familiar with merit scholarships, students of degree programs should delve deeper into the topic.

That’s because beyond standard scholarships – students of all kinds have the opportunity to get money for college from a sponsor or an association offering grant programs. If you’re looking to enroll with an online school, you should start researching the topic online scholarships early on.

To that effect, a few searches online will reveal you can also apply to a wide range of scholarship depending on your nationality, interests, characteristic or family ties. Student of degree programs should be aware that funding can come from many places when starting their sponsorship search.

While at first, you might be dumbfounded by the sheer amount of them, with a bit of organizing you’ll be able to keep track of them in no time. You could write them down in a document or spread sheet or in a notebook if you prefer the traditional way. Either way, you need a system so you can keep track of deadlines and the scholarships you already applied to.

That’s another thing about seeking funding – you should always apply for more than one. Sending your application for one scholarship does not guarantee you will be awarded the grant. That’s why, in order to maximize your chances, you have to send applications left and right.

To get you started we’ll share with you one such opportunity. It’s limited to female students who are looking to pursue a nursing career, but that’s just an example. You can find just as well a scholarship for students who are earning a dancing degree.

Anyway theAmerican Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) awards a bunch of scholarships like the ANNA Career Mobility Scholarship which is looking to award five students a grant worth $2,000.

In order to apply for this scholarship, students have to be full members of ANNA and actively involved in nephrology nursing related health care services. The application file must include things like a certified transcript(s) of the applicant’s academic records, as well as three letters of recommendation.

Last but not least, students shouldn’t forget to include an essay of 250 words or less in which they describe their future academic goals with an emphasis of the impact which the completion of the degree program will have on the applicant’s nephrology nursing practice.

Note that the American Nephrology Nurses Association offers several other scholarships including the Janel Parker Career Mobility Scholarships which is worth $2,500 and the NNCC Career Mobility Scholarship that awards students $3,000.

You can check out all the opportunities on the official ANNA website which is listed below:


  1. I wish to have a scholarship but due to lack of money l failed to do what my heart desires mainly l would like to do course concerning administration but for free if someone can manage to help me financially l promice to work extra harder to achieve my goal

  2. it will be a blessing for me if I would be granted a scholarship to acquire a university education because where I am from it is not easy of achieve it.

  3. Hello! Urgently desire your full scholarship to read Medicine or Pharmacy in 2018, depending on the exact Medical college or University given. Waiting favourably for your response. Thanks.

  4. Hello I have BA degree in management I wish to have full scholarship to read Masters of business administration in 2018. Thanks

  5. wish to have a scholarship but due to lack of money l failed to do what my heart desires mainly l would like to do course concerning Civil engineering but for free if someone can manage to help me financially l promice to work extra harder to achieve my goal

  6. am a male Zambian who has been accepted at the University of Zambia to pursue a Bsc. in Environmental Health a programme in medicine for 2017/2017 and the registration starting on 5th November,2017. am kindly seeking assistance to upgrade my career from diploma to a degree so that i can serve the community more effective and diligently.

  7. My name is Edward msema iam a student at ballatorn university malamulo campus in Malawi studying medical laboratory third year and looking for funds please help.

  8. Am Mike Mapala from Malawi I want to go higher with education but due to lack of money am failing to do so, I wanted to study diploma in business management so any one can help.

  9. I am Mpho Mnculwane From Memel at Free State I want to further my education but due to financial problem I’m failing to do so I want to study the Bachelor’s in Law

  10. hey I am from Zambia and I really need your help, I have big dream but they are over shadowed by lack of funds, I want to study medicine and be able to help people who will need help just like me, but first it all comes to you I need your help first please

  11. hey I am from Zambia and I really need your help, I have big dream but they are over shadowed by lack of funds, I want to study medicine and be able to help people who will need help just like me, but first it all comes to you I need your help first please
    And I know there are a lot out there who wants this please help those you can and I can really appreciate if I would be helped cause that would be a turning point for my life


  13. I am graduate student from The Gambia I wish to have a scholarship to study medicine/nursing but due to lack of money to do what my heart desires mainly l would like to do this course above but for free if someone can manage to help me financially l promice to work extra harder to achieve my goal

  14. Hellow my name is GX.Mbewu from South Africa i am in need of the scholarship due to lake of fund on my side,i will be really greatfull to be give this oppotunite and make the best out of it not only for me but my family with fanacial stability and my country that needs more professional persnal in risk management of wich it is the career that i want to persue

  15. My name is(musbaudeen ibrahim)from lagos nigeria..i have completed my degree in banking and finance.i am just looking for capital to startup business,if the money giving to people in this platform is based on abroad study scholarship.since i have completed my in my country.i will like you the organisation to please give me the amount paying for the whole years study amount to startup my business.thanks.

  16. Comment
    Hi. Am Kelvin S. keytue from Liberia, Monrovia the capital city. Earned BSN in nursing and wanting to further my education in public health

  17. Thank you for accepting me to be part of the members who got a scholarship. for my side I don’t know how can I thank you because I waited this chance for many years to go. I promise to work hard in studies so that I can archive my goal and not only for my benefit but also for the community

  18. Am apoor man from Uganda who can not manage to pay tuition,accomodation,transport but I would like to change the lives of many people in the world but the stepping stone is so weak so offer me achance to study abroad.thanks

  19. I wish to get financial support to go on with my education at the university where I am currently I have a fees challenge which is affecting my educational goals since high school. Thank you in advance

  20. Hello, thank you for this support opportunity towards people, personally I desire to persue a master’s degree in process engineering, under online program, I will be very grateful if my request is considered

  21. I want to Stardy in Canada Masters in BAE education BT I have no money so am requsting for that grant please help mi thax

  22. Hello my name is Rebecca Mwanachitela I wish to be offered the scholarship to study dentistry in Australia or Philippines depending on where I will get a place to study . Please help me with finance for the study, food, accommodation, and to travel to the university. I is dream and passion to study dentistry.and also to make the world a better place.hope to hear from you soon.

  23. Am doing Actuarial science at the Universty of Nairobi. I would like to acquire a fully funded scholarship to study abroad. I believe this will be a great opportunity to increase my knowledge and skills in the acturial field as well as give back to the society. Thank you.

  24. Iam Mary alor studying in Sudan medicine and surgery is my dream my parent got shortage of financial support I will be happy if you complete my dream

  25. I am Daniel Zobatuo from Ghana and I need a scholarship to study LLB at the university of Northampton. I my request will be given the needed attention.Thank you.

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  27. Hi I’m Nompendulo, i have a degree in bachelor of consumer science but my heart is really on medicine.I would really appreciate a full scholarship to a medicine university to help my dreams come true.

  28. my name is mike ,am currently writing my grade 12
    i would like to study computer science or graphics design..i need financial help

  29. my name is mike.Am currently writing my grade 12 examinationi

    i would like to study computer science or graphics.I need financial help

  30. Thanks ANNA for this great chance u been providing to who wishes to change he/her life. So I kindly ask if u can let me do masters in science, I did Environment Management, bachelor.

  31. Comment
    I want to do clinical medicine or environmental health but my mother can’t afford cause she’s just a maid and I have 5 young she’s struggling with to take to school. i will be grateful if a good Samaritan can come to my rescue cause I have tried to do some piece works in order to save money for my college but it has all failed because my mother she’s just alone and what she’s going through isn’t easy though I have tried to be of help with every little I make. but despite all my efforts the answer to my struggle is education I have faith that everything will change if I further my studies. I Will be more than grateful if someone helps me with financial support to be in college and achieve my dream.

  32. My name is Daphne Othieno. I am seeking a scholarship to complete my nursing degree from UK or USA. Your contribution would make my dream a reality

  33. i am found to study in uk at scholarship because i blong to a normal family its not easy for me to done M.phil in mathematics kindly grant me

  34. I’m good with numbers and I wish to study accounting so I kindly request the assistance through scholarship since I cannot afford to fund for the studies.Thank you

  35. I am medical studentsand i would like to giving scholarship opportunity please help me

    1. I really would like to study for my degree in journalism next year,in Europe or Asia but due to me being underprivileged, I cannot afford to pay the fees. I really need a scholarship in order to attain my dream.

  36. am à south sudanese refugee completed my senior4 but unable to complète my éducation due to thé war in sudan Please need scholarship….. if There z help for me.

  37. Hello, i am John Claude SHURWERYIMAMANA from Burundi, i want you to help me in my master program studies. Now, i have a bachol degre, so, i want to pursu my studies in computer science. Thann you for your help.

  38. I want scholarship for masters degree In organisation building and management this will help me to change lives of many in Uganda. Thx

  39. I’m good with numbers and I wish to study nursing so I kindly request the assistance through scholarship since I cannot afford to fund for the studies.this will help me to change lives of many in somalia

  40. Comment
    indeed that’s good offer.
    I wish you could give me this offer.
    I did medical laboratory techniques but I would wish to extend my educational career when I get such an offer.

  41. Iam semegnew adinew from ethiopia. I want you to help me in my master program studies. Now, i have a bachol degre, so, i want to pursu my studies in business managementThann you for your help

  42. I am a student in kiriri women’s university of science and technology pursuing bachelor of science in mathematics. I kindly request for support in paying my school fees because my parents are financially unstable.

  43. I want financial assistance to pursue my Nursing Degree, I have a Diploma in Nursing , Currently working with University of North Carolina as a Research Nurse since 2011 up to date.


  44. Hello, my name is Akung Lydia Bate I’m 19 years old from Cameroon and just completed high school. Was opportuned to start studying crop production in Agriculture at the University of Buea Cameroon but due to the political instability and lack of financial support I couldn’t continue my studies. I wish to be given a fully funded scholarship to continue my studies. Thanks

  45. Looking for sponsorship to progress with my dream of being one of the producers of liquid detergents and contribute to the formal economy of my country.I have formulated and produces some of these products.However I would like to compete favorably with big players in the region.What Iam interested in is hands on skills and promoting this industry.
    Kind regards,

  46. Please assist me to pay US1,000 SCHOLARSHIP from the International University of Morality for a Honorary Doctorate Degree which was awarded to me by this Christian University in Florida and the money i cannot afford.Grateful for your Financial help in awarding me this scholarship.

  47. Hi kindly help me continue with my studies.. doing civil engineering at the Durban university of technology… your assistance will be highly appreciated.. thank you

  48. Comment
    Thank for my registrement un your schorlaships.
    i have a licence in biology science, i want masters un microbiology or pharmacy. I am burundian.

  49. Hello am Jane from Uganda, am finishing my certificate in nursing and I wish to upgrade my studies but am already facing tuition difficulties, I am requesting for your help in any way, please

  50. Offered course was meant for medical students.. i will be glad if their is an offer for Forestry related subject. world is changing n resources are getting depleted year after year. CLIMATE CHANGE a big issue worldwide n need to educate in resource management n protection…. please keep us inform to promote our capacity.. capacity to change our nation n world in better way..

  51. hello ,I from Somalia, I finished secondary in last year so I request for this scholarship because challenges fee please help me to get my goal and success my dream I want to be doctor

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  53. Hi, am Mariama from Gambia, a grade 12 graduate in science class. I would love to have the scholarship to further my studies in nursing. Thank u

  54. My name is Athanas Mayeka from Tanzania, l would like to have your scholarship, am taking Clinical medicine in Tanzania.

  55. My name is Kaluba Lazarous from Zambia.I have first degree I would like to have scholarship for masters in Applied Linguistics in Australia or United Kingdom.

  56. My name is Thembeka sikhakhane fron South Africa.I am currently in Grade 12.I would like to receive a scholarship because I’m financial needy to do tertiary education.I wish to become a Doctor.I would be glad if my request is tqken into consideration.Thank you.

  57. Hi I am Charles Linao from the Philippines. I am looking for schoolarship in able to suppport my tertiary education. I am now already graduated grade 12 that why I am very thankful if I am one of the grant of the schoolarship program.

  58. Hi, my name is Belle Kopati from Central African Republic I live in Ghana I wish to have this full scholarship because challenges fee please help me to get my goal and success my dream I currently reading business administration in marketing. I’m requesting for your help in any way. Thank you

  59. I am doing biotechnology already so what chances I have that I can get the scholarship I really need it and by the look of things I may drop out soon.

  60. I am Isaac from Republic of South Africa and wish to pursue my studies in Physiotherapy but lack funding I will be happy to be selected in fulfilling my dream.

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