Microsoft awards up to $20,000 in funding to students with disabilities

Students with disabilities can apply for a grant at Microsoft

College can be challenging for students with disabilities, so why not take the financial stressor out of the equation as soon as possible?

More than ever, colleges and universities across the world are welcoming students with disabilities into their programs. So if you are a student who is facing difficulties because of a certain disability of affliction, but hoping to pursue a college degree online or offline, you should know schools can also cater to your specific needs thanks to supportive staff, academic assistance programs and free services.

Speaking of which, disabled students are also eligible to apply to a number of scholarships which specifically target those suffering from certain impairments. Bachelor or masters degrees online or the traditional kind all come at high costs, but if you are suffering from a disability you should definitely try and search for scholarship programs meant to make the college journey a bit more easier.

According to official statistics, over 11% of undergraduate students in the US have a disability – which translates into over 2 million students enrolled with a college degree online or offline. Basically the demand is high and that’s why many colleges as well as organizations offer such specific scholarships.

You’re probably wondering: where should you start? Well to assist you in this search, we’re going to share with you an interesting scholarship opportunity for those suffering from a disability. It’s offered by Microsoft, one of the world’s tech giants, in the hopes of motivating students who haven’t been so lucky to develop their skills and pursue their interests.

Since the grant is offered by Microsoft, only disabled students who are looking to pursue a degree in engineering, computer science, IT systems, law or business major are invited to apply. So if you’re interests lie with art, poetry or something similar, you’re out of luck for this one. However, you shouldn’t take it tragically, as there are other disability scholarships you can apply for right away.

Anyway going back to the Microsoft disABILITY scholarships, you need to be a high school senior planning to attend a two-year of four-year program in college. Students of masters degree online or offline need not apply to this one.

Candidates need to have a disability (visual, hearing, mobility, cognitive, speech or other) and demonstrate a big passion for technology. On top of that Microsoft is looking for students who have shown leadership capabilities at their school and in the community.

Furthermore, applicants have to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 to be considered for this grant and be in financial need. If you fit in this criteria, then go ahead and submit your application to Microsoft for a chance to win a $5,000 grant per year. The scholarship is renewable so you can get up to $20,000 for four years.

This year, the deadline for the Microsoft disABILITY Scholarship has passed, but be sure to check the official website in 2018 for the new deadline.

In the meanwhile, you can make sure you keep your grades up and take the time to get more involved in school and community activities.


  1. Am in need of a scholarship,I have audio impairment am in my second year at the university doing medicine at Kampala international university but I don’t have the continuing tuition,any assistance I highly welcome it.Thanks.

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