Paul S. Mills Scholarship awards a $1,000 grant to students studying finance

Students pursuing finance degrees can apply for the Paul S. Mills Scholarship

Even if you are an associate degree student you can still get funding for school, for example you can apply for the Paul S. Mills Scholarship

If you’re like most students, you’re probably cash-strapped. So consider this bachelor degree alternative – start a community college program instead, which is cheaper and definitely more flexible. Get a bunch of credits there and if you decide a bachelor degree is the way to go for you, transfer to a four-year college to graduate with full honors.

Community colleges usually offers 2-year programs that provide associate degrees at much lower tuition levels. On top of that, you can easily opt for an associate degree online which offers a lot more flexibility than traditional degrees. If you’re working or have other engagements, a distance learning program might be the right choice for you.

But just because we’ve stressed that associate degree online programs are cheaper than traditional ones, doesn’t mean you will be able to enroll into one free of charge. The reality is that you’ll have to pay for an associate distance learning program just as you would for a full bachelor one. And if you’re lacking financially, paying for school could easily turn into a big challenge.

The solution to the problem – grants for school. Grants are the best sources for money when you’re going to college. These scholarships are available for free and you won’t have to repay the money you have received like it’s the case with student loans. Grants can be awarded based on need, merit, a special talent or a particular interest in a topic.

So even before you decide which college you’re going to attend, you should also research scholarship opportunities just to see what’s out there.

For example, students looking to pursue a career in a financial service related field can apply for the Paul S. Mills Scholarship. Candidates need to be a full or a part-time students enrolled (or accepted) with an undergraduate college or university program. Which means students of associate degree programs are also eligible to submit their applications.

Most importantly, candidates need to be pursuing a course of study in finance or financial-related fields including finance, accounting, insurance or risk management, actuarial sciences, and related fields of business.

Furthermore, applicants have to demonstrate financial need by submitting the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or similar documents. Last but not least, students are expected to write a short essay (500 words) in which they describe the reason behind their choice of pursuing a career in finances, as well as explain why the scholarship is important to them.

The Paul S. Mills Scholarship Program will award three to six students a scholarship of $1,000 each. Applications should be submitted until March 30, so you have plenty of time to really create a thoughtful and polished essay. It’s highly important you don’t send in an essay with spelling or grammar mistakes, so make sure you ask someone (friend or family member) to proofread your writing before you send it in.

The Paul S. Mills Scholarship isn’t the only one available for students of associate degrees and a quick search online will reveal more.



  1. I am a cameroonian ,holder of bachelors degree
    in Banking And finance wish to advanced my carrier in your Institution precisely Information Technology Management and wish you could aïd me further my studies thanks.

  2. i want to study to develop my self and my countryاريد ان اكمل دراستي لكي اطور نفسي وبلدي

  3. I always dream about scholarship for support my study, cause my family get low income and they can’t support me or it is really difficult to them.

  4. Gained admission to study in the university but has insufficient fund to do pursue my programme, Bachelor of Education (Accounting )
    Please help me.

    1. I am Eyong modesta from cameroon and,i would like to pursue a bachelors degree in the fill of management but i really do lack a source of finance ,so i beg to be given a chance in this schoolarship programe so that my dreams in life can come true

  5. Thanks for the offers. I am a Ugandan particularly interested in the conservation field. This cuts across Wildlife related aspects. I am in great need of such an opportunity to expound my knowledge in this field.

  6. My name is Asamnew derebe from Ethiopia. I have been graduated from Haramaya University with MA degree on educational leadership and managment. I have been served the education sector of my country for the last  14 years. From my experience point of I came up with that I have numbers gaps that need urgent intervention by upgrading myself to the next level of education. So, I hereby kindly requested your stem university to offer me the scholarship.
    I am looking forward from you very soon!
    With king regards!

  7. Am studying Bachelor of science in medical laboratory sciences in Malawi Adventist University but am having difficulties in paying tution fee till now

  8. my name is DANIEL BERHANU.I m studying clinical pharmacy at Mettu university. but I m on the way to stop because I can’t cover college teutitition hence I m from poor family. please help me.

  9. I am Micheal from Uganda, I would like to pursue a bachelors degree in Banking and Finance but I am lacking the necessary funds . am hereby requesting your financial help to take me through. Thank you, I would be grateful to you if my humbly request is highly considered by your team.

  10. I am a graduate and wish to further my education in your reputable institution.i hope you will aid me with a scholarship to study there…

  11. My name is Habarurema. Philibert
    I wish to study abroad due to unavailability of the facility of laws in my home country.

  12. I am really interested and please help me to obtain my BSC and even up to master level, let God use you as my helper to make my dream come through.

  13. Am Robert Nyalugwe and a Malawian selected to do finance in busuness administration marketing at Malawi university the Polytechinic but i need to study abroad and i need bursary and scholarship. I will be grateful if my appeal will meet your favourable considerations.

  14. My name is Nazia tabbasum. I am from Pakistan. I am bachelor’s degree holder. I have no husband. I have a daughter. I need scholarship.for my daughter s future development. Thanks

  15. Hey, I am Jean Claude a refugee from Uganda born from Democratic Republic of Congo and diploma holder upgrading Bachelors Degree in Development studies majoring in peace and conflicts management and therefore seeking for your support in order to reach my targeted vision please if you support I promise can reach my vision. Thanks

  16. My name is John from Tanzania in Africa ,am in need with scholarship am holder of diploma in accountancy am in need to get a degree in finance so please consider my request

  17. my name is natasha and I just finished highschool,im currently being raised by a struggling single mother if I am able to get this scholarship It will be a great deal for me and my family.I will put all my efforts to my education and make it to the ambitions in life is to see young people in my country get opportunities to explore their If I get this chance I will give back to my community

  18. i have long been aspiring to get a schorlarship due to the fact that my family is poor and my parents are peasant farmers. presently my personal income can not permit me to sponsor myself

  19. Hello,
    I respond to the name Belinda Frema, a very ambitious and determined young girl,a high school graduate who wish to further her education futher but the necessary resources are not available. Please help me out with a scholarship to futher my degree,i sometimes lose hope but i believe you are my saviour ,thank you so much and I’m hoping to hear from you.
    Thank you

  20. I wanna be supported with my education because I’m soon gonna be a dropout coz my parents can’t support my education necessities.

  21. Hi, this is about God’s favour looking at the many trial I have under went I do believe I have reach a point of succeeding what I have always dreamt about. Meanwhile, knowing that, I am a student reading business and public administration, as well also want to extend my education to help move my country forward most especially and interestingly the youth. I ask you please offer me this scholarship.

  22. Hi, am a second year student at Makerere university pursuing a bachelors degree in palliative care, am in desperate needs of financial assistance to help me continue. Thanks

  23. Hi you can contact anytime you can in very interested about scholarship sorry help to continue my studies to another countries

  24. hi am Samuel nsofwa from Zambia, am kindly asking for a scholarship .I have completed my secondary level due to lack of finance I jst find my self in the society, please insist me so that my wishes can become true, your consideration will be highly appreciated.

  25. I need a scholarship because want to further more on my education, struggling to right now because my parent are finding it hard to help me. Please need your scholarship to help my chances in the environment, need to help my family. Will be glad If you can help out. Thank you.

  26. I am a Nigerian I hold a degree in theology and I am asking for a scholarship and Grant for my masters degree in theology

  27. I need a scholarship to finance the Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy which was awarded to me by the University of Morality in Florida.I have to pay US 1,000 which i cannot afford because i am not i am kindly asking for a scholarship to pay for this scholarship.. I am retired and therefore i need this help.
    My work as a Minister of the EUCHARIST AND PHILANTHROPIST was taken in to consideration and not forgetting my academic achievements.
    Grateful for a positive reply so i can move on’
    Peter Fraser

  28. Hello.
    I am Patrick Amanya currently pursuing Medicine and Surgery(bachelor’s) at Kabale university in Uganda but I am stack due to financial constraints, could you please help me push in with my academic life, I will be grateful.


  29. hi am second year student studying bachelor of arts geography but I have defficulities paying tuition fees.I need your financial assistance. studying in maasai Mara university. Kenya

  30. Dear sir/madam:I’m from africa speacial Somalia I graduated high school and I can’t success to go university from abroad due to money , infact I’m very eager to get scholarship from china, there fore I like to learn faculty of computer science really that is my anticipation and I will hope to accomplishe this golden opportunity .
    Thank you…..

  31. Dear sir:I graduated high school and I can’t success to go university because finace problems.lmy parents are not all working and I’m finding it difficult to proceed with my education, infact I’m very eager to get scholarship from any country to study Computer science.Really that is my anticipation and l wl be very happy to be granted this opportunity
    Thank you…..

    1. In response to you message about scholarship for students studying finance,l am also very keen to be granted that one.l want to start progressing as soon as possible,l will be very happy to be granted that scholarship

  32. i am second year student at Arba Minchi university studying management under business and economics faculty but not have any support and i need scholarship to success plan means i will want to change my life as well as my family and to develop my country

  33. Hello my name is abdule rehman from Pakistan I belongs to a poor family I always thinking for scholarship please give me scholarship I am very found of study

  34. I would like to study in your country I would really need this scholarship because I have no one to fund my education my parents are both dead am a double orphan please help me

  35. I’ve been offered a vacancy to study Bachelor of Education in South Africa but have a financial problem. I need an educational grant to enable me to further my studies. How do I apply please help me. Thanks. Nomfundo

  36. want to study MBA/MSc in business field studies.
    I am BA degree graduate in business management in finance study.
    Please help me to realize my dream.

  37. I would love to be offered a scolarship and advance my studiies.I really want to do a masters degree in any business field.I do not have any financial support to enable me pursue my studies.If given a scolarship i would treasure that and would study to my best….WARREN LOMBE,Kitwe Zambia.

  38. Hello, thanks for giving me the chance to explain my reason to study this course for free which have been my dream for a very long time.Am an orphan and have been in so many struggles to change my self in education and to support my brother and sisters.since this is my one and only way to my sucess,i would be very happy if you give me the chance.Thanks again.

  39. Hello may you please assist me with a scholarship. I have been dreaming of studying abroad . The reason I choose you to help me it is because of financial problems. i want to take accounting degree my mother doesn’t work and my father is now late now am an orphan thank you for giving me the chance to explain why I choose you thank you

  40. Help me, am in need for a scholarship I stopped my course due to financial support I was doing clinical medicine

  41. I’m Valens NDIKUMANA from Rwanda,I need your support for studying masters in engineering

    I’m waiting for your support.
    Your faithful Valens NDIKUMANA

  42. my name is Xoliswa and am from South Africa, I wish to get a scholarship to study occupational health and safety. I’d be glad if you responded

  43. hi my name is Dereck Njani and I am from Zimbabwe I wish to study Business studies and Computing Science I would greatly appreciate it if you consider my application

  44. I am Titus F Yarkpah, I want to study but I don’t have money because my both parents are died no want to give me that support.

  45. I am Titus F Yarkpah from Liberia, I want to study but I don’t have money because my both parents are died no want to give me that support.

  46. Hi,
    I am Felly from D.R.Congo but living in Malawi, I finished my high school in 2013 and continued with my college in Social Work unfortunately I have failed to complete my program due to financial issues.
    Therefore, I would please love to be helped with this important opportunity since my dream is to be a humanitarian and doing humanitarian works to help the entire World.

  47. Good morning
    Iam Lidia from Mozambique. Iam Medical Dr.
    My dream is to have Scholarship / Doctorate
    In future i would fik to be a University teacher to help Education in my Cuntry.
    Best regards

  48. I am a graduate of college and and working as sports assistant in a reputable company.I wish to further my education in your reputable institution.i hope you will aid me with a scholarship to study there…Diploma in sports management.

  49. My name is Kathleen,a single mom to a lovely boy. I have always dreamt of being an air hostess but taking care of my mom( as am her eldest daughter our Dad is deceased )and son has been the reason why i could reach my goals as the money.i get from part time jobs is barely enough.I want.grants or financial assistance for my traveling to South Africa or India for my course.God bless.

  50. Hello im Joao Langa from mozambique im allread enroled on AIU doing computers science but now i have finacial problems, so can u help me to push on so i can finalize my program i will be greatfully

  51. I am Novellah Wuyah Sheriff a certificate holder in nursing and have worked for 8years but want to further studies but chance very very narrow to pursue that so l will be really very happy if l get a scholarship to continue course of a Bachelor degree in nursing. From Sierra Leone

  52. I am Vite Dumadi by name, and also a Nigerian.I love to have a scholarship of this magnitude in area of educational management.i am have B.ed in educational management .

  53. Am Fr. Charles from Uganda. I will be happy when granted a chance to advance in theological studies.

  54. hello my all Muslim Brother first of all i want say greatfully thank than i want apply for a scholorship i am from Afghanistan

  55. Iam Emmanuel Ngoma from Malawi and I graduated with Bachelors degree in Education. I have passion to further my studies by studying for masters degree in Leadership and management in Education but I lack financial support, please helpme

  56. I wish to study with the University of British Colombia for Masters in Education Leadership and Management, but I lack financial support please help

  57. My name is Bancedzile Motsa from Swaziland i have been accepted for general medicin at Siberian state university in Russia but lack financies please help

  58. i really wanner do my Masters degree in business administration in Beijing Normal university in China. kindly help me secure a scholarship. Thank You

  59. I am from Cameroon with great enthusiasm in diplomacy. I am currently finalising my bachelor degree in political science. I have a lot of financial constraints, but do not dream my talents wasted because of lack of money. I plead with you to help me achieve my great ambitions.

  60. Hello
    My name is Simon Ovia from Papua New Guinea and I am currently doing my year 12. I am studying the subjects (physics,advanced mathematics, chemistry, biology and language and literature ) . I am persuing a courier in civil engineering which is one of the most wanted job in a developing nation like mine.
    I would so much appreciated it if you gave me a scholarship according to my courier and for that I promise I would do my best if you did so.
    Thank so much for reading this and I hoped to hear from you soon.

  61. Iam samson I live in Ethiopia and I graduate in orthopedic technologis in deplom level I need to upgrade to Bsc leve.

  62. My name is Moses Chamera,a first year student at LUANAR. Am facing challenges in studies so I need a help from all people who can be able to support to make my come true.

  63. I\’m phd student of Biochemestry of Cameroon and very interest to this program for pursue my research.

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