Involved in public service? You can grab this $10,000 grant

Students with a role in public service can enter the United States Senate Youth Program

Win a $10,000 scholarship for college by demonstrating your commitment to public service and everything it stands for

Did you get accepted into college? Congratulations, you got in the school of your dreams. But once the enthusiasm over the success evaporates, you will be facing the harsh reality – how will you manage to pay for college? It’s so expensive, even after you receive financial aid! Well don’t despair, there are solutions to help you cover as much of the fees as possible.

Offline or online schools often offer financial aid to some degree, but if that’s not enough it’s time to look somewhere else. There’s no rule saying you can’t take advantage of more than one funding opportunity.

That’s why students of traditional or distance learning courses need to consider scholarships as soon as possible. You see, scholarships should always be the first resort when the dreaded issues of paying for college pops up. You need to make sure you’ve applied to every possible local, national or international scholarship whose criteria you match.

Ideally you should choose scholarships that you are excited about and good at. For example, there are many scholarships out there which require you to write an essay based on a thought provoking question. If you are good at writing or you know the topic on which the question is based very well, then you should definitely try and apply for this scholarship.

But the majority of scholarships aren’t that fun to apply and you need to be aware of that before you dive in, or risk being disappointed. You won’t be able to pay for your traditional or distance learning courses if you get bored of writing personal descriptions and chasing after your ex-professors for letters of recommendations. Just know this before entering the scholarship game – you will spend a lot of time applying to these grants.

It is our belief that students of offline and online schools alike have to know what to expect if they are to succeed eventually in securing funding.

Anyway, if this is your first time applying for scholarships you probably don’t know where to start. So let us give you a helping hand to put you on the right path.

If you have been actively serving in a leadership position where they support the creeds of organizations that relate to government, public affairs, history or community service, you can try and apply for the United States Senate Youth Program.  Here’s a few examples, the student has been elected to be the Student Body president, Student Council representative or class president at their high-school.

Each year, two high school juniors and seniors from each state are elected to enter a competition for a $10,000 scholarship. The 104 students will be flown to Washington, DC as delegates for the Washington Week.

However, even if you have fulfilled a student government role so far, you’ll also need to be nominated by your school’s principal or a teacher.

Think you have what it takes? Read all about what you need to do to qualify on the United Senate Youth Program official page.


    1. Gwebayanga Ronald, iwld like to persue my Diploma in Special Needs Education,to help the most maginalises cross section of the new generation who are doubly discriminated.

  1. I am a keen youth and played a leadership role in my Konso community in Ethiopia. I am also a member of Yang African leaders institute. Because of my role in Konso, South Ethiopia as youth representative in self determination question of Konso people, the government of Ethiopia harass me and now I fleed to Kenya and now I am asylum seeker. I have bachelor of arts degree in Business managment. Now, I am looking for MSC degree in flieds of business here in Kenya. How I can be considered? Is this opportunity works for me? Is there any other opportunities for disadvanteged youth like me?

  2. I Need That Scholarship To Further My Education After I Got One From Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation, Zambia.I Have Diploma In Ecumenical Leadership Devpt And Wd Want To Do A Masters Degree In Project Planning And Management.

  3. i am orach john Paul from northern Uganda, a war affected region by the actives of a war lord Mr Joseph kony who considered his belief about poor governance in Uganda. so his belief created insurgencies where many were affected including children,women and men. and this made my education to come to a stand still but thank God i took a refuge to Kampala and finished my college/high school but fail to go to university, i have been leading my fellows as a student leaders and now a motivational speaker giving hope to those who think they cannot make is now the responsibility i hold in my village in Nwoya near Gulu. my prayer is to go back to school in order to create more impacts in the lives of people in my community,Nation Uganda,and world at large. thanks for opportunity to express my self, love the initiative many it benefit many including me.

  4. I am a young kenyan student, am seeking for a scholar ship in abroad since I want tu further my studies.. am ready at any time…

  5. Hello Dear scholarship teams,
    Am Abrham Bekele from Ethiopia, I recently graduated on Mechanical Engineering With Batchlors Degree In Ethiopia, and now am searching for an opportunity to study my masters Degree. I would be more thankfull if I get a chance for Educational grant to study in your country.
    please update me for latest info
    Sincerly yours Abrham Bekele
    Mobile +251913818949

  6. I am an energetic man aged 35 looking for a scholarship to persue my studies, currently i am studying BED Honours in Agriculture. I am interested in Agriculture. If i complete my first degree i would want to keep on studying a program of MSC in Agriculture and up lift my community.Contact me on +263776180458

  7. I am a 25 yr old lady currently doing a Diploma in Banking and Finance. I would like to further my studies but I am short of funds. I would be grateful if I become considered for an educational grant to study in your country

    1. My name is Justine Vedastus George from Tanzania I congratulate you for helping students who need to continue with their different levels of education especially bachelor’s degrees surely in 2017 I have failed to join my bachelor’s degree at sokoine university of agriculture in Tanzania due to absence of money in my family so I need support for fund to continue with my bachelor’s degree in other countries, the one which I prefer is Australia I will be happy if my request will be accepted

  8. I really need funds i am 19years old in currently in matric will love to go to college next year to study electrical engineering so that i will be able to support my family financial wise and try to help my community

  9. I am a Namibian citizen.. A UNAM Honours degree holder in teaching…. Would like to further and do my master in leadership and educational management…. I really need fund assistance….

  10. First iam very happy to apply this opportunity and iam very confident to win this scholar iam graduatted secondary school 2016 iam very wanted to study my first buchelor degree in bbai human resource and managemnt please accept me tnks

  11. Hello scholarship team i m J maston Deshield from liberia i have my first degree in public administration. i hope this team will allowed me to get this scholarship so i can go abroad for study.

  12. am so happy to give this opportunity and i went to study master program in structure engineering tnxs for all.

  13. I am a Malawian lady 25 years oldand looking for any donor who can help pay my college fees, currently enrolled to do bachelors in health systems management at college of medicine, not working and very much needy student.

  14. Dear sir/madam, am a midwife in Uganda, working in a government health facility, I started my degree course in the same course but has no funds to continue. Request to be funded from Agakhan university.

  15. My name Kingsford Richard Tetteh a Professional Police criminal investigator in Ghana. I have had a basic training in criminal investigation here in my country Ghana. Currently I have Diploma and bachelors degree in marketing. Our system in this country lack the facility to train professionalism in criminal investigation. I would be grateful if I will be given a scholarship to read Msc. forensic psychology and criminal investigation or criminal justice system and human rights. Having had this great and awesome opportunity will help broaden my faculty in investigation as an investigator and also go a long way to create great impact to Ghana Police service and my entire nation (Ghana). I would be expecting a favourable response from you. Thank you.

  16. I have got acceptance at WorldQuant University For Masters in Financial Engineering .Ia am from Ethiopia.So I need financial aid.Other wise I can’t study.

  17. Thanks,for your information I live in Ethiopia I am public servants and have two major degrees with accounting and business management. If possible I wanna to cope up my second degree but now I could not because of lack of money.please would you like to help how I will get my destiny?

  18. this is Marie grace nishimwe and I’m Rwandan. I’m 20 years old from Kigali city. it’s a very big pleasure for me to know such information and I really want to apply , and be one of your students. I fulfilled my secondary school last year in HEG ( History, Economics and Geography ) with 49 degree. I actually have a burning desire to study abroad especially in united state of america , and I promise that I will use such chance very well. Thank you

  19. My name is Samuel Mabith am south Sudanese, am refugee in Nairobi Kenya and I have no school fees to finish my degree in communication.

  20. am eric masibo from kenya and am a total passion has been to study law but i haven’t succeeded due to lack of funds since my parents died long time ago. i shall be great full if i get your scholarship .i want really to help my country in terms of the law and upholding of the constitution

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  22. I’m kyomugabi shila from Uganda.will be so greatful if I got sponsorship in my studies,public health so as to achieve ma goals.

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  24. Hi dear scholarship grants;
    My name is sewagegn yenesew. I am graduated my first BSC degree with CGPA 3.87 in geology at BDU in Ethiopia. I am fully interested to study my masters in your university. If you give an opportunity contact with +251924535103.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hello the scholarship team,
    Am Gutru Mildred Mua from Uganda holding a diploma in Land Management and Valuation from Institute of survey and Land Management, Entebbe, Uganda. I received a mail inuring whether i wanted to take the offer or not. And now I am interested in the scholarship but now am interested. I would like to know the right procedure that I should take. Looking forward towards your positive response.

    1. I am Charles and very interested in studying works and organisational Psychology. I am Samoan and fully obliged in helping our vulnerable youth and low income earners to sharpen skills and work techniques. I look forward for your reply. Thank you

  26. My name is Joyce. I hold a certificate in Nursing and Midwifery. I would like to persue with my career. I would like to get a Bachelor Degree. I would like to ask how I can get scholarship for my education

  27. Hello dear scholarship teams
    Am Tiyobista Alemayehu zergaw i live in Ethiopia now i live semoll tawan i recently 12 graduate i wont to my batchlors degree please help me i would be more thankfull if i get a chance for educational grant to study in yohr county

  28. My dream has been from the beginning to carry on with further education. I’ll say thanks scholarship for I’m very interested to study with prestige

    More thanks if granted. God bless you


  29. hellow. i am Princess John, i am second year at Univesity of Dar-es-salam. my dream continues my studies . i like to get Free scholarship for continue my studies. i pray for it. i Will very happy when i get Free scholarship

  30. Am Mphande Mohammed Ammady from Zambia, I did my bachelor’s of arts in social science, now I want to pursue my masters but I need to be helped financially because I can’t manage on my own,and that is a reality.
    We are ten in our family, the nine are my dependents only waiting from me at every month end. How can I manage to qualify for it? Are there more chances for people like me?

  31. my name is shema from Rwanda i have studied science in secondary and i want to study medicine and surgery can you help

  32. Hi, I am Yamah L. J. Sieh from Liberia. I earned an associate degree in nursing. Please grant the opportunity to further my study. Thanks in advance.

  33. Hi, I am Yamah L J. Sieh from Liberia. I earned an associate degree in nursing. Please grant me the opportunity to further my study. Thanks.

  34. It seems this youth scholarship is for the youth in America not for youth in other continents. SomeOne help me understand, I would like to enroll my siblings who are unprevildged. Thanks

  35. hi ! am Marian from Ghana SHS graduate and completed medicine counter assistant school just recently.. need to further my education outside Ghana, need full grant scholarship for Nursing or Midwifery or Pharmacist.. thank u

  36. I’m Gibrill Amid Sesay, aged 21 born on the 25 March 1996, as a first time voter in Sierra Leone national politics, am currently playing a leadership role in promoting democracy in a country that has once experienced eleven years of civil destruction due to corruption, nepotism, tribalism among others.

    My leadership march have pictures significant contribution in mobilizing communities, cascading informative articles plus regenerating the long lost spirit of patriotism in my country.

  37. im Abdifatah from Kenya studied teaching at teacher’s training college and also diploma in Early Childhood Education,want to further my studies and want to study barcherlor in Physical Health Education.

  38. Hello dear scholarship teams
    Am nezif kedir usman i live in Ethiopia now i live
    Addis Abeba i recently graduate Bsc Agricultural economics and management from wollega University i wont to Msc in any enomics or business fields i am employed in ethiopian insurance corporation senior operation oficer position please help me i would be more thankfull if i get a chance for educational grant to study in your county

  39. Hie scholarship team.
    I am currently studying law at the university of Zimbabwe and I am in my final semester ending June 2018. I will be grateful if you secure a bursary for me to further my studies for masters

  40. I am Moabi Manyeli
    From Lesotho
    I have a certificate in CAPENTRY AND JOINERY
    I need full funded scholarship to study construction

  41. i am currently in my bachelor in ercc theological seminary fadan ayu Kaduna state Nigeria and i am facing financial challenge please i need your assistant to enable me to complete my program

  42. Comment
    I’m Matthew Solomon Kambeh, a concern citizen of Sierra Leone who work with charitable NGO as volunteer to help my fellow citizens in very hard to reach area in the country and I always try to make sure good health is accessible to all. so if given the opportunities to educate my self it will be of great help to me and humanity. thanks for your time.

  43. thank for this opportunity scholarship.
    I,m South Sudanese and twenty nine in age.I apply for bachelor of public administration.

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  45. i would be very grateful if am afforded the scholarship in order to fulfill my studies in the doctorate field .this is going to help me reach self actualization

  46. I am from a poor family my family cannot paid for my school anymore I need your supporting and I’m hoping to hear your feedbacks

  47. I Would like to have the scholarship. I have already applied at the college in Kwazulu Natal at pietermaritzburg, but my problem is that no one can afford to pay my fees in my family. Please can you support me.

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  50. I am a Zambian Citizen aged 22years, I would like to apply for this Scholarships, because I graduated from high school in 2016 by the help of our Current government, I am a Single Orphan and want to do Nursing Abroad. Your quick response will be highly appreciated.

  51. I am meswait asrat (26 years old lady) and I have abachlor degree in pharmacy . I nedd to proced my MSC but I didn’t get a fund so I kindly ask you to give me achance.

  52. i would like to pursue my master degree in your institution am a father of four children i want financial assistance to contribute my quota towards eradicating the society from crime

  53. I am the research assistant at direct link consult making research about the civil registration in the country and i would like to pursue the career in the same field and i have liked to work in the field collecting data irrespective of my advanced level (S.6) UGANDA ADVANCED CERTIFICATE OF EDUCATION.

    Kind Regards

  54. I am Ousman sanyang from the Gambia West Africa. Am a student at the university of the Gambia,I really need scholarship for my BSC in management please at your collage or university.

  55. Comment
    grant me schooler ship in highway engineering or topographic survey .starting at bachelor’s degree thanks.

  56. I am Momodou M Baldeh from The Gambia, I need sponsorship to further my educational career please,give me the offer I will care millions drone the knowledge I obtain from the scholarship, thanks.

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